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I’m finally getting around to doing major email maintenance. A guy named Merlin Mann introduced a concept a few years back called Inbox Zero, which is a GTD sort of system to prune back your electronic correspondence clutter, and keep it pruned.

I have a tendency to keep everything. Everything. So despite tons of earlier attempts at clearing the superfluous email out, I’m now closing in on 7000 messages saved in Apple Mail. My inbox alone has over 1500. Getting that down to zero means clearing large swaths.

The first swing of the slingblade is easy.. Sort by “sender” and chop out daily updates from and other subscribed-to, time dependent stuff. DealMac.. Swoosh! 90 gone! AT&T “special offers”… Swoosh! 50 gone! This goes on for a while..

Then I get to people..

This is much more difficult. There’s a few in there that I haven’t spoken to for years, but that I want to remember.. but then there’s an article from 1987 in a magazine at the bottom of a stack in the closet that I might want to use as a reference at some future time as well, and never will. The grim fact is, I’ll never see it again until the next time I try to clean up. If I archive my old emails, then these lost people will be even more lost.. I should just delete and be done with the clutter.

Then I spot something I haven’t seen in a while. A phrase I used to see several times a week. And it shoots a little arrow in me.

Love you always,

An old girlfriend. Someone I loved deeply. A relationship that I thought would last forever at the time. A relationship that ultimately failed. Like walking into a room and smelling pie that your mom used to make when you were a kid. Like an old photograph that fell out of an old book. Instant time-warp back to the moment of happiness, tinge of pain upon return.

I like science, science is weird. I like weird things. Science is currently positing that there may be multiple universes. For every decision that we make, every action that we take, the universe splits into multiple possible outcomes. This sounds like hooey and it probably is, but there’s no disputing that even little actions can lead to big results, and it’s common to reflect upon the path not taken. The path not taken was taken in some parallel universe, even if it’s only in your mind.


In a parallel universe I was kinder.

In a parallel universe I listened more intently.

In a parallel universe I did exactly what I needed to do at exactly the right time, to make her decide to stay.

In a parallel universe, she still loves me.



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Never Forget   Leave a comment

I’ll never forget the horror of watching the towers burning. I’ll never forget the horror of watching good people turning into monsters thirsting for blood and revenge. I’ll never forget my flag turning into a religious symbol of boastful pride, intolerance, and hate. I’ll never forget the wholesale abandonment of justice. I’ll never forget the fear I had of my own countrymen. I’ll never forget the bombing of Iraq. I’ll never forget the insanity of 9/11 nor will I forget the insanity that followed. And I will never forgive the religions that allowed for it.

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Bring the noise!   Leave a comment

AAaaaaannnnnnd… audio. This is not a song, it is a noodle/scribble. It may be a song one day when it grows up, IF it grows up. Really I’m just testing out the SoundCloud embeddingness available to me as a WordPress Cheapskate.

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It’s 9 o’clock, what are you still doing embed.   Leave a comment

I was hoping I could embed vids without paying for some upgrade option, and yes, I can, easily. This is a YouTube video I made a while back, and it really doesn’t matter what it is, as I’m still just testing things out. This works pretty damn well. Free WordPress, free YouTube, very nice! Next up.. audio.

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So here I am pressing words.   Leave a comment

Where the hell is the <blink> tag in this joint?

A way long time ago, back in the 90’s when gas was cheap and people paid you for scratching your ass, I had a little website called MOTHERNITE’S WEBSITE. The web was young back then and so was I, relatively anyway. I used my website as a way to spew a little weirdness into the world, as if it needed any more. Basically all one needed was a connected computer (I used an Amiga,) a little rudimentary knowledge of HTML (didn’t have to be much, in fact sometimes the less the better,) a graphics editor (I used Deluxe Paint,) and an imagination (or marijuana.) For the bulk of the time I ran my little page, I worked at a place called Tryon Hills Thrift Shop (now defunct.) I tested electrical stuff that came in, and got a lot of bland crap and a few NEAT THINGS now and again. The neat things I broke into categories (lamps, phones, vibrators, and misc) took pics with my Apple Quicktake 100 digital camera, and posted them up on the site. It was fun, people liked it, I got a blurb in a magazine article and everything. Also, since I write music, I’d put in a RealAudio sample or two of some of my songs. It was fun.

Well, life moved on, HTML got harder, expectations of what constituted a good website grew, and mothernite’s website fell into dust, and that was fine. I had a beautiful wife and a baby to take care of, and that was plenty. I toyed around with it again when Apple released their web design program iWeb, but it wasn’t the same. Love was over.

Then came facebook, and it became easy to rant to a limited audience, and post funny pictures, and even throw out a few songs. I like the facebook, I like it a lot. I have however, alienated two or four people with my rantings, so I’ve been toying with the idea of this “blog” thing, just to partition off some of my more incendiary diatribes to a place where people would have to want to go and see them (Your god is an asshole and here’s why:)

So, I’m trying out this thing called WordPress, because it seems to be rather popular, rather simple, and like, free and stuff. We’ll see if it works the way I want it to.. and I’ll link it back to facebook because… well, because there’s a checkbox for it.

Under Construction, pardon our dust, etc.. it may take a bit for me to get into the swim of things here, or I might abandon it altogether.. time will tell.


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